Job : Software Development Engineer Mobile, Gemenos, France

Technologies : Windows Phone
Position : Développeur, Ingénieur
Secteur d'activité : Télécom
Ville : PACA
Mission : Everything your customers do in their online bank today, they expect to do in their mobile as well. Our product eBanking makes a mobile product called Ezio Mobile SDK. The purpose is to provide mobile and tablets with strong authentication in the eBanking and mBanking use cases. The eBanking use case is when the mobile device provides authentication and signatures when accessing your internet bank through a browser. The mBanking use case is when a mobile bank application directly is used to perform bank services.

The Ezio Mobile system is made in-house and covers the complete chain from the security device in the hand of the end-user to the back end server system in the bank. The Mobile SDK is used by the bank application and provides cryptography and security features to the end application.
One of the challenges when developing this type of system is to balance the aspects of security with the requirements of usability, flexibility, scalability, performance and platform support.

The Mobile SDK product will now extend the supported platforms with Windows Phone 7.X and 8. For that reason we are looking for an experienced developer that has deep knowledge in the platform OS and APIs. The team today supports Android, iOS and j2me platforms, so openness to other languages and mobile technologies is a must.

You follow the latest evolution of the Windows Phone technologies

You have good development practices

  • Unit/Function/System tests ;
  • Continuous Integration ;
  • Architecture ;
  • Proactive in ensuring the quality of code.

Knowledge in security and cryptography

  • Taken a course in crypto in university at minimum ;
  • Knows tls, https ;
  • Secure coding skills and pki knowledge is a plus ;
  • Knowledge in CAP, OATH or the eBanking domain is a plus.

Programming Languages

  • C# ;
  • C, Visual C++, Java and Objective C is a plus.

Mobile Platforms knowledge

  • Windows Phone 7.X ;
  • Windows Phone 8 ;
  • Android, iOS or j2ME is a plus.

Operating Systems

  • Windows ;
  • MacOS and Linux is a plus ;


  • Windows Phone tool chain ;
  • Jenkins/Hudson ;
  • Subversion, Mercurial ;
  • Code coverage and static analysis tools ;
  • Unit testing and mocking frameworks ;
  • Knowledge in build systems tools, like Ant, make etc is a plus.

Development processes

  • Scrum is a plus ;
  • Secure software lifecycle processes knowledge is a plus ;
  • TDD, xP and other agile methodologies is a plus.

The team is located both in Gothenburg in Sweden and in LaVigie/Gemenos in France. The team is highly international and fluent English is necessary. There is some interaction with other teams in other countries, but the position will only require occasional travel to other sites in Europe. The team use Scrum, continuous integration and automated testing.

So are you interested to join us?

For more details please contact Aurelia Tudor at:

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